Network Networking

UNIX OS is used in servers and workstations. Geeksnerds provides you UNIX operating system services to create a managed file system. It works for email sending, networking, text processing and scientific utilities. UNIX is often used as a server than work station. It is easily modified to accommodate and can be the platform for many business, engineering, professional and communication applications.

Our UNIX operating system support features include:

  • Multi user (i.e., when more than one users can use the machine supported by terminals at a time).

  • Multi tasking (more than one program can run at a time.)

  • High level language is written for the system to make it easy to read and understandable. The code can be changed and transmitted to other operating systems. It provides a wide variety of hardware vendors.

  • UNIX file system supports the organization and maintenance of files. Our UNIX operating services mainly depends on:
    • Kernel: To plan the tasks, control file storage with reliable security solutions and work for hardware access
    • Shell: It is user friendly OS to interpret commands type by user, executes user's commands, and supports a custom environment for each user.
  • Utilities including file, user and process management and printing.

  • Pipes and filters.

  • Our OS administrators use latest tools for software development from editing to maintenance.

  • Hierarchical file system: UNIX operating services offers you a special file storage and maintenance services. It has a minimum flexibility in grouping information.