Data Recovery Software Data Recovery Software

Geeksnerds Limited has in house R&D department to keep up with ever changing technology. We have developed a wide range of data recovery software to recover data from a number of File systems. Data can be recovered successfully by using our data recovery software from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux (EXT2, EXT3, EXT4), JFS, XFS, and ReiserFs file systems. Our software products are:

  • Windows Data Recovery Software
  • Linux Data Recovery Software
  • XFS Data Recovery Software
  • ReiserFs Data Recovery Software
  • JFS Data Recovery Software
  • Apple Mac Recovery Software
  • Photo Recovery Software
  • Email Recovery Software
  • Outlook PST Recovery Software
  • Outlook Express Recovery Software
  • Windows Address Book Recovery Software
  • Drive Cloning Software
  • Drive Wiping Software
  • Data Backup Software
  • Drive Test Utility
  • SQL Database Server MDF Recovery Software
  • Exchange Server EDB Recovery Software

Users can download the demo version of software tool for testing before buying data recovery software. Demo version shows results and recoverable data before buying. Only difference between the demo version and full registered version is that demo version won't let you save the data unless you buy the software.

All data recovery software can recover data from drives which have logical problems. If your hard drive has physical damage then use our in lab data recovery services. Scanning a physically damaged hard drive with software for data recovery could further damage the drive. If software is taking too long or hangs up while scanning for data then check you hard drive with our hard drive test utility to check it for physical damage.

If you are unable to recover data using data recovery software then, you can bring your drive/ media to our labs in London and Birmingham. You can also, ship us your hard drive / media along with our contact details for in lab recovery which is equipped with latest recovery tools and techniques.

Geeksnerds is an industry's top leading company of data recovery (services and software tool). Our software utilities are developed and services are provided by experts of data recovery field.