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Server disaster recovery services to recover data from logically or physically damaged RAID Arrays. Geeksnerds have the expertise to recover lost data from Software and Hardware based RAID Arrays including NAS/SAN servers. Your attempts to recover it by yourself may result in permanent data loss.

Our specialists recover server data from:

  • all brands and manufacturers of RAID Storage Devices, including Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM, Buffalo, Lacie, Gateway, Thecus etc.
  • a Hardware and Software based RAID Arrays.

Common Server/RAID Array Problem

  • Hard Drive Problem
  • Controller Card Problem
  • Corrupt Kernel on Software Based Arrays
  • Human Error

If Server/RAID arrays stops working then do not initialize the RAID array. Initializing RAID arrays can cause permanent data loss. Also, try not to remove drives from one server to another. Moving drives from one server to another may change the configuration on the hard drive, which can also cause permanent data loss.

From our experience, in 9 out of 10 cases for data being not recoverable from RAID arrays is not the actual problem but what happens after a RAID arrays stops working. Hot Shot in IT departments try to do RAID recovery without having images of drives. Drive order is mixed and then RAID is initialized. Mark the drive order if you take out the hard drive from server Slots. Get professional help if your data is important.