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RAID data recovery services to recover data from hardware RAID array. RAID server may get damaged, fail or stop working due to any problem with controller card, hard drives or due to any human error. In hardware RAID server, array is created using controller card. Physical drives are stripped using controller card to create one logical volume for increasing the storage capacity of the server. Hardware Raids arrays usually have redundancy which provide protection against data loss. RAID servers are used due to their reliability and huge storage capacity.

Geeksnerds experts recover RAID array data. We have experience of RAID data retrieval from damaged and failed hardware RAID arrays and servers. The causes of RAID failure differ from case to case but common issues are:

  • One or more hard drive fails or not recognized.
  • Controller card module failure.
  • Formatted RAID array.
  • RAID data loss due to Cache failure.
  • Failure due to host I/O bus problems.
  • Failure due to power loss or power supply failure.

Geeksnerds experts are experienced in recovering data from all types of hardware RAID arrays. We offer reliable services for Dell, Hp, Gateway and LSI hardware RAID storages solutions. Advanced data recovery techniques are used for RAID recovery. Geeksnerds server recovery process starts when user sends us drives, we analyze them. A report is sent to user along with quotation for successful recovery of data. We offer reliable RAID recovery services to make your inaccessible server data accessible. Our RAID hardware recovery experts are available for consultation and you can contact us for advice on RAID data recovery.