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Geeksnerds offers data recovery services for hardware and software RAID arrays. RAID arrays have benefits of redundancy and large capacity but when they fail, data loss situation can cause problems. We offer RAID recovery services to retrieve lost and corrupt data. Our specialists use advanced methods of recovery for providing you result-oriented services. We return data as soon as possible to you, saved on the media of your own choice. Our services support all the configuration levels of RAID array. RAID recovery engineers recover data from RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 6E, RAID 10, RAID (0+1) and RAID 50.

We provide RAID recovery services to recover lost data in the following cases:

  • RAID array failure, array broken due to unknown issues.
  • Human errors, system crashes or corrupt.
  • Hard drives failure, one or more in array not detected.
  • RAID hardware Controller card failure.
  • RAID server not booting or array fails consistency test.
  • RAID rebuild failure.
  • Failure due to power loss or power supply failure.

Our services support RAID data recovery from windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac based operating systems having NTFS, JFS, RFS, EXT3, EXT4, XFS, HFS and other file systems.

Geeksnerds consultants receive the case and recovery process for RAID arrays start with analysis of data loss situation. User can send RAID drives in our data recovery labs for in-house recovery or they can bring the drives to offices in London and Birmingham. The RAID server is restored by RAID recovery specialists to retrieve data. For more safe and secure process, disk mirror are created using specialized RAID cloning software. RAID array data is recovered from the disk images. If you try to rebuild RAID array, you can further the damage and possibly make data not recoverable. We don't charge any fee for diagnosis process unless express services are required. So feel free to send or bring RAID for recovery to our labs, located in Birmingham and London.