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JBOD is a technique of combining several hard disks with different capacities into a single unit or virtual disk. More than one disks are used together to create a one logical drive and the method of gathering the drive is called JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks). Better data storage capacity is created in the system by JBOD.

Geeksnerds provides JBOD data recovery services. Our engineers extensively operate the recovery operations on JBOD disks and recover data.

Grouping of different sized drives into one single drive can create a lot of issues. JBOD is combining multiple disks into one virtual disk where all the sizes add up, it appears to operating system as one virtual hard disk. Our recovery services support you in almost all situations of data loss. The possible conditions of JBOD data loss are one or more hard drives failure or configuration loss due to logical problem.

When our recovery engineers receive the case of data loss, they test all the hard disks separately in the JBOD to suggest the best possible recovery method. We have qualified team which has expertise of recovering data from all brands and models of hard disks. You are informed about the possibility of JBOD recovery by a quotation. You can contact us in case of data loss situation.