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RAID data recovery services to recover data from software RAID arrays. In RAID arrays physical drives are stripped in such a way that they behave like one logical volume. In software RAID, software utilities use kernel modules to build RAID arrays. Software RAID arrays are used as they offer high storage capacity. Software RAID arrays perform better with RAID 0 and RAID 1. There may have redundancy or not depending on RAID type. Redundancy helps in case of RAID failure. RAID usage increases the reliability of computer or server.

In RAID arrays, there is no protection available to user from failure or human errors, so regular backup is recommended. Software RAID arrays are low cost solutions. The software can be used as a replacement of RAID hardware. Software RAID can also be created in windows OS as Windows 7 allows user to create software RAID. Geeksnerds provides reliable data recovery services for Software RAID arrays. Common causes of RAID failure are:

  • Software RAID array can break when kernel is upgraded.
  • Any of the hard disk in the array stops working and is not detected.
  • Physical damage or bad sector in one or more disk drives leading to failure.
  • Software kernel module issues, deletion or corruption of array.
  • Configuration failure or disk configuration order failed.
  • RAID failure due to power supply surge or power loss.
  • RAID failure due to one or more device channel failure.

When RAID arrays stop working, it is recommended that do not try to recover data or experiment on software RAID. Inexperienced hand may further the damage or you may overwrite data leading to permanent data loss. Geeksnerds RAID recovery experts recover and restore data from RAID arrays. We have expertise of data recovery from all RAID array levels. When our experts receive data loss case, they evaluate the situation and send details about the recovery prospects to the user.

RAID data recovery operations are performed using advanced utilities. Our consultation and quotation services are offered free of cost. The time duration for RAID data recovery differs from case to case and depends on the cause of data loss. You can get back RAID data using our safe and reliable RAID data recovery services.