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Hard drive recovery is required when you lose your crucial data from hard drive. Hard drive is the central but sensitive part of memory storage devices that stores data. The issues of data loss from hard drive are constantly increasing with its growing technology. Geeksnerds provides you hard drive recovery services to recover lost, deleted, formatted data from corrupted or damaged drives.

Data could be lost due to logical problem or physical damage of hard drive. Examples of data loss are:

  • Logical Problems
  • Deleted Data
  • Formatted Data
  • Logical Corruption
  • Virus Attack
  • Human Error
  • Sabotage

Examples of Physical Problems with Hard Drive as

  • Clicking Noise
  • Ticking Noise
  • Drive Not Spinning
  • Power Surge
  • Fire
  • Flood or Water Damage
  • Shock Due to Drive Fall

We recover data from almost all brands (including Fujitsu, Toshiba, Samsung, Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital etc) and models of hard drive storage devices including:

  • Desktop, laptops, SSD and USB storage devices
  • Operating systems include Widnows, Linux, UNIX and Mac

Hard drive recovery operations are performed in our labs by data recovery experts. You can either bring the drive to us or ship it along with your contact details. We will diagnose the problem. A quotation for data recovery will send to you after testing and diagnoses of the hard drive. Price of data recovery depends upon the problem with the hard disk drive.

You can contact us by email or call to recover your lost or corrupted data from hard drive. Geeksnerds is a reputable company that provides you with wide ranged services of data recovery services.