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Maxtor hard drive data recovery services from damaged Maxtor drives. Seagate is the parent company of Maxtor Drives now and the technology used in Maxtor drives is same as in Seagate drives. The Seagate drive models start with "ST" while new Maxtor models start with "STM". As new Maxtor drives use the same technology as Seagate drives so newer Maxtor drives have same problems. Older models of Maxtor lines have the following problems.

  • Excessive bad sectors.
  • Media damage.
  • Read / write head damage.
  • Firmware corruption.
  • Firmware area damage.
  • Damage to electronics.

If you have a problem with Maxtor hard drive whether it's a new or old technology, we can help you recovery data from it. Geeksnerds has the experience and expertise to fix Maxtor hard drive problems. Our labs are equipped with the advanced resources of software and hardware. Data security is our priority and the final recovery process is started after client's confirmation.

If needed, our specialists clone the faulty Maxtor HDD onto healthy HDD by special drive cloning methods. Recovered data is returned to user as soon as possible on the media of user choice. You can contact us for getting more information.