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CCTV is very helpful in the prevention of crimes. You can reduce the risks and threats by CCTV or DVR security cameras. CCTV systems are commonly used in shopping plazas, offices, streets, and even at homes to prevent the properties from any unusual acts and crimes. CCTV footage is playing an important role as evidences. In many cases, CCTV hard drive fail causing data loss, in this case you can lose important proofs and evidences. Geeksnerds data recovery experts provides CCTV/DVR recovery services to recover and restore lost footage from almost all brands and models of security camera hard drives.

When you have lost important footage or proofs of legal case due to physical or logical damage to CCTV security camera hard drive, we will recover the data. We offer you recovery solutions in nearly all situations of data loss.

Damages including:

  • CCTV systems fail due to the failure or corruption of hard drive or memory cards or hard drive not recognized by BIOS.

  • Mechanical failures like CCTV hard drive produces unusual noises of clicking and ticking , electrical failure (power supplies failing).

  • Damaged firmware on hard drive.

  • CCTV system overheats, processing chips can overheat and get damaged.

  • Footage invisible due to malicious attacks etc.

Our CCTV-DVR hard drive recovery services are safe and sound. When clients send us or bring in their faulty security cameras system or drives to our recovery labs, our specialists analyze the situation and make invisible footage visible by advanced recovery operations. Recovered CCTV footage can run on any media accessible by operating system. You can contact us through online submission form, direct email or call.