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Seagate drive recovery services provided by Geeksnerds to recover your lost data from corrupted and damaged Seagate hard drives. Our recovery specialists are trained and qualified to recover data from the series of Seagate hard drive models. Seagate is the world famous manufacturer for producing quality hard drives. Our specialists have gained a lot of experience in recovering data from Seagate hard drives. Seagate drives are reliable storage media but they a few of their models have problems. Our recovery services are reliable, safe and sound.

Our Seagate recovery specialists recover data from Seagate hard drives with following problems:

  • Clicking Seagate Drives.
  • Drives not spinning.
  • Damaged Electronics.
  • Firmware Corruption.
  • Damaged Media.
  • Ticking Seagate Drives.

Newer Seagate drive which are 500 GB or bigger have firmware issues. The firmware update could be downloaded from Seagate website. If the drive is spinning and drive model is being picked up by computer Bios but does not show the right size then the drive in question may need a firmware update. But the drive spins up and does give a clicking or ticking noise then the problem may be with the Read / Write heads then firmware. 7200.11 and 7200.12 are the two series which have firmware issues.

For testing and evaluation, send us your hard drive. We will diagnose the problem and provide you a quotation for recovery. Upon client approval, data recovery is performed and recovered Seagate drive data is saved on the media preferred by users. Geeksnerds provides you unmatchable services of data recovery. You can contact us for getting more information about our services.