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USB hard drive data recovery services by Geeksnerds specialists to recover lost data from corrupt, damaged External USB hard drives. We take pride in providing our customers with best recovery data services for external hard drives and storage devices. Universal serial bus generally known as USB is used through a USB cable to connect an external drive to a computer. External devices are more likely to get damaged due to the portability and size of the device. There are different kind of external USB disks:

  • External Hard Drives:
    External USB drive with 3.5 hard drive inside the enclosure. These drive use a separate power supply. External hard disk drives enclosure may have a single disk inside or more than one disk in a RAID configuration. USB external drive may get damaged due to knocked, smashed, dropped or over heated drive.

  • Portable USB Hard Drives:
    Portable USB hard drives which have laptop disk inside the enclosure are commonly used because of their portability function. We restore lost data with help of our highly qualified specialists. These drives don't have a separate power supply.

Major reasons of data loss are:

  • Drive has been dropped or knocked.
  • Hard drive over heated.
  • Clicking/ticking noise in hard disk.
  • Mechanical failure.
  • Logical or physical failure.
  • Bad sectors.

Some of the famous USB drives brand are:

  • Lacie
  • Buffalo
  • Seagate
  • Western Digital
  • Iomega
  • Toshiba

In addition to above mentioned external USB hard drive, all damaged Network drives whether having single or more drive having RAID configuration could be recovered by our expert engineers.

Data recovery is complex and has difficult procedure however our qualified technicians and specialists can restore your data within best possible time. If you are having some problems, you should not try to solve this by yourself. You can call our specialists for proper recovery. When you contact us for recovery, our specialists evaluate and examine what is the fault in your drive. Once they determine the main fault, they will compile an analysis and will send you a quote about recovery details. Once quotation is approved, we start our recovery procedure. You can contact us anytime for acquiring our data recovery services.