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Hitachi recovery services are provided by expert specialists of Geeksnerds. We recover and restore data from Hitachi Deskstar, Ultrastar and Travelstar hard drives. Our experts have complete expertise of recovering data from Hitachi Deskstar, Ultrastar and Travelstar drives. Hitachi is a reliable brand but due to fragile nature, any hard drive can fail at any point causing data loss. After gaining, a lot of experience in the field of Hitachi hard drive recovery, we have noticed the following data loss situations:

  • Hitachi drive with excessive bad sectors.
  • Firmware area damage.
  • Read / Write Head Damage.
  • Motor burned / stuck.
  • Heads get stuck to media surface.
  • Hitachi drive is exposed to power surges.
  • Burned drive spindle.

Our Hitachi recovery specialists recover data from nearly all models of Hitachi drives including Deskstar, Ultrastar and Travelstar drives. When users contact us through online submission form, our specialists evaluate data loss situation and can suggest you to send faulty drive to Geeksnerds Limited for in-lab recovery. Our labs are equipped with the latest recovery equipment. Our experienced technicians use latest data recovery hardware and software resources.

If required, our specialists clone user faulty Hitachi drive onto healthy drive. Recovered data will be saved on the media of your own choice. You can contact us for getting more information.