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Macintosh data recovery services to recover and restore lost data from damaged hard drives. We have the expertise of recovering data from all the versions of Mac OS. The present version of Mac is Mac OS X which has released in five versions named Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Tiger, Panther and Tiger. We recover and restore Macintosh data from Apple desktops, Macbook, IPhone and IPod and IPad.

Data could be lost due when:

  • Hard drive produces unusual noise like ticking, clicking, buzzing or humming. It is a clear symptom of physical damage to hard drive. The system should be shut down immediately whenever hard drive produces these kinds of unusual noises.

  • Hard drive corruption, drive un-mountable, drive cannot be accessed, drive is unreadable, drive not installed, drive not spinning up, drive firmware corruption, disk components failure.

  • Segment loaded error.

  • Bad master directory block, directory not found.

  • Macintosh file system error.

  • Virus attacks corrupt the file system.

  • Missing partition table.

  • Catalog file corruption.

  • Catalog file's node corruption.

  • Bad sectors.

  • Human error, accidentally deletion, unexpected system failure.

  • Volume header corruption.

  • Physical damages due to device falling, fire, heat, moisture, flood, water etc.

Our recovery labs are equipped with advanced tools of Mac data recovery. When our specialists receive the details of Macintosh data loss situation, they contact the clients and assist them. If required, they recommend you to send or bring the drive into our recovery labs. Recovered Macintosh data is saved on any media of your own choice.