Network Networking

Network structure design is required for any computer network whether it is office or home network. We make network structure design before installing and connecting the hardware and software. We gather requirements and make a plan to avoid from future issues and shape a secure and reliable computer network. Network design is made according to the type and size i.e. home or small business or large enterprise. We install hardware including switches, data cabling, equipment setup like modems, routers and other devices.

Our technicians design secure computer network structure based on the three factors including Topology, Protocol and Internet:

  • A rough structure of network topology or geometrical shape is made in ring, bus, star or any other shape according to requirements. Ethernets use this topology. When you want high bandwidth, each computer is connected with two others, and to make a ring shape. When all systems are connected to a single and central device then it makes star shape. In this type of topology, we make sure that data must pass through the device. When requirement is to attach each computer with a common central cable, then it is called a bus shaped network structure.

  • Protocols are setup to specify a set of rules and point out the computers to signal them on the network use to communicate. Protocols including TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX etc are used according to the geographical setup of network i.e. LAN, GAN or WAN.

  • Network architecture design can be made "from peer-to-peer" or "client server". Simple and uncomplicated setups are designed with peer-to-peer configuration. Client-server configuration structure is used for wide networks.