Network Networking

Wireless networking services are offered to setup a reliable network for office or home. We provide wireless networking services. You do not need to have to setup cables, wiring, drilling holes and a separate room full of cables and wires or having large sized closets for making room for sockets, wires and electric boards. Wireless computer network reduces the costs and increases business productivity. It enables office employees and clients to easily connect to the network. You can increase a professional look for office by removing cables and wires running across the floor.

Our wireless networking technicians gather business or home networking requirements and install network.

  • The geographical coverage area is decided after assessing computer networking demands and requirements.

  • Wireless equipment is installed after finalizing the kind of network. It can be from peer to peer or sharing complete networking connection. You only need Network Interface Cards to connect to one another directly for peer-to-peer networking. Peer-to-peer is a wireless setup, without using router or access point but if you share a whole network connection then router and many other technical devices are installed. Well-suited computer hardware devices are adjusted and specific software is installed to make it more productive.

  • Special security solutions are installed with wireless networking kit including firewalls installation, intrusion detection and VPN.