Network Networking

Small business requires reliable and secure network to connect computers. We offer small business services to install, support, manage and secure computer network. We increase business productivity after installation of reliable network. Our technicians guide you about the management and usage.

Our technicians:

  • Gather requirements and then decide network shape and design.

  • Network software and hardware devices including routers, switches, data cabling are installed.

  • Network connectivity is established.

  • Security solutions for small business including firewalls, intrusion detection, VPN, virus defender, with internet vulnerability assessment are installed to alert, detect and protect against unauthorized access and the malicious programs.

  • Network backup system is installed, if required.

  • Peer to peer or client server computer network is setup according to small business requirements. In client server, multiple clients are connected to a single server.

  • Setup flexible networks to make room for future expanding of network.