Network Networking

Home computer network is commonly used to share files and internet connection, printers, connecting remote desktop and for playing games. We provide home computer network installation services with secure and reliable connection.

Our technicians analyze networking requirements and then decide network design and access to link all home computers.

  • Home computer network connections are connected through Ethernet or wireless. Home networking is an uncomplicated but with a slow transmission speed. Power lines are also a cause of slow connection. Ethernet is the most popular LAN technology for home. It is fast and secure technology with simple wiring systems. Advanced wireless technology is also available to setup home networking system.

  • Network equipment is decided and installed according to its type i.e. wired or wireless. Routers and switches, adapters, network cards and cables are connected. In case of laptops or notebooks users, USB network cards are used. Peer-to-peer network connection is commonly used for home.

  • Security solutions which include firewalls, VPN, patch and internet risk management are installed to detect and protect computer network from unauthorized access and other malicious programs.

  • Monitoring is done to check signals from providers and upgrade home networking technology with latest equipment.

You can contact us for more information about our services and home computer network solutions.