Network Networking

Intranet is an internal network i.e. networking within organization. We offer intranet design and installation services to increase business productivity and teamwork. We connect systems and staff together to improve the efficiency and organization of business. We promote the internal communications within a corporate environment and facilitate employees in sharing company information securely. Our intranet services are secure and reliable and only authorized staff members can access it.

We develop and design inborn features for intranet that enable clients to access the network simply with a URL and login details with user name and password. It encourages the information exchange, keeps the employees up to date about the company and raises the level of their trust and in return increases business productivity. We offer intranet design for all corporations regardless of their size. There are different types of installation designs depending on the kinds of department for which you are getting our services.

  • Intranet resides behind a firewall and is accessible for only specific staff of the same company.

  • Intranet design for management department assists official management team to connect with each other and negotiate on different issues by arranging meetings on net at a time from anywhere. It is beneficial for both internal and external communications.

  • Intranet for finance or accounting department is developed to assist you for the processes of payments, billing, receipts etc.

  • Intranet for customer services include tracking packages, delivery information, customer FAQS, purchase order taking, price changing information etc.

  • IT intranet design allows sharing of software applications, application development at a time on all systems, technical and networking training sessions etc.

  • Intranet can be beneficial for human resource department for employees' survey, databases, discussions on candidate applications etc.