Network Networking

WAN (wide Area Network) covers wide area and spreads its links and connections across the regional, city or national boundaries. The installation setup of WAN demands special expertise and skills because WAN design enfolds all the LAN (local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), CAN (Campus Area Network) and the smallest network PAN (Personal Area Network). We offer WAN support, management and security services.

Our technicians collect requirements. We access the area, networking staff and devices and connections connected to secure WAN. We manage network by implementation, relocation, expansion, maintenance, networking strategy, VMware, virtualization, share point and trouble shooting, WAN security services including firewalls installation, intrusion detection, VPN solutions, virus defender and internet vulnerability assessment with IT security audit.

  • WAN assessment, up gradation, administration, and onsite repair services with asset management, application development, WAN rationalization with complete IT outsourcing.

  • Special WAN communication setup includes ICT (information Communication Technology), VOIP and server virtualization.

  • Operating system support includes UNIX and Linux support and management.

  • Special training sessions are arranged including professional network consulting, technical setup, server guide, employer consultancy, security awareness training and customer relationship management.