Network Networking

LAN (Local Area Network) is the kind of network that covers a small physical area including a building or small groups of buildings. LAN connections have higher data transfer rates with smaller geographical area. We offer LAN installation services by connecting a group of computers and linking devices that share a common communication line or wireless connection. We install and design secure and reliable network to connect all systems within a same geographical area.

LAN network can serve three to four users to thousands of clients. All the computers and other devices are connected to a same server or device. Latest wireless technologies are used for LAN. We plan suitable location to make place for LAN cables and other devices and the issues related to network management are resolved.

We develop connections in a way that network runs smoothly on its arranged path. We offer LAN design, topology (in bus ring star, mesh or other shapes), management, support, assessment, administration, and special wireless and wired security system services including firewalls, intrusion detection, VPN solutions, internet vulnerability assessment and IT security audit with turnkey solutions. We design network in a flexible way so that you could expand it whenever needed.

  • Quality equipment including cables and network interface card is used to connect each computer on LAN.

  • LAN shared devices like printers and processors, routers, switchers, proxy servers, back up tools and devices, bridges, faultless power supplies, and hardware trouble shooting are connected.

  • Software applications are installed and updated.

  • LAN points are decided according to topology and design.