Network Networking

Extranet is the networking from organization to organization or from the organization to users outside the company. Extranet is the extended form of intranet that allows control outside access for different purposes like business. We offer extranet design, installation and management services for sharing information, documents and files easily and securely within and outside the organization by expert managers. It connects organization employees, partners and customers at a large scale for business productivity. Only authorized members are allowed to access the network using secure connection.

Extranet is a tool that raises the communication standards of corporation. You can even connect from organization to another organization with reliable and secure solutions.

Our extranet design services support you in many ways:

  • It provides a variety of levels of outside accessibility with latest secure solutions of firewalls, intrusion detection and VPN.

  • Extranet uses internet design protocols. User can navigate with a browser, but resides on the company's private server. Users can directly interact with the managers of the extranet.

  • Public Telecommunication system is installed to allow you to share information with partners, suppliers, buyers, vendors and other businesses.

  • We design and develop extranet chat boards to promote the communication of the extranet members.

  • Business partners exchange information, arrange meetings online, discussions, forums etc. You can exchange large volumes of data, on net training programs at a large scale with other organizations, access the services or products provided by one company to a group of other companies, share corporate news and new promotions with all the extranet partners.

  • You can interact with clients and customers at any time to exchange information about the product delivery, purchase, price changing, order entry, product issues etc by extranet services.