Network Networking

Network design services are offered for shaping network magnitude according to your requirements. We collect requirements and then setup the computer network i.e. LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). It can be limited to home or office building or stretch across many miles and it may be wired or wireless. Wireless connections are being used widely to avoid complications.

After collecting requirement, computer network is designed in three configurations including:

  • Point to Point links

  • Point to multi point links

  • Multipoint to multipoint links or clouds

Point to point network design is mostly used for LAN setup whereas point to multi point or multipoint to multipoint is mostly used for WAN. We finalize the configuration and then all devices, installations and locations are connected to computer network.

Topology design is made according to requirement. Computer network can be in star, ring, bus, tree, mesh or other shapes. A rough sketch is made and all the essentials and requirements of network are adjusted in the physical design. Our consultants install latest media. You can get the best computer network design by our matchless services.