Data Recovery Software Data Recovery Software

Geeksnerds data recovery has developed wide range of data recovery software and provides data recovery services to recover data from damaged hard disk drives. We recover data from all brands of hard disk drives having logical as well as physical problems. Our software are:

  • Windows Data Recovery Software
  • Linux Data Recovery Software
  • XFS Data Recovery Software
  • ReiserFs Data Recovery Software
  • JFS Data Recovery Software
  • Apple Mac Recovery Software
  • Photo Recovery Software
  • Drive Cloning Software
  • Drive Wiping Software
  • Drive Test Utility
  • Email Recovery Software
  • Outlook PST Recovery Software
  • Outlook Express Recovery Software
  • Windows Address Book Recovery Software
  • SQL Database Server MDF Recovery Software
  • Exchange Server EDB Recovery Software

In case of physical damage, we offer in lab data recovery services for hard drives. Software products only work when there is no physical problem with hard drive. Don't use software if your hard drive has physical damage. Our data recovery specialists provide you their expert data recovery services with diagnosis and quotation. We evaluate the possibility of recovery and then a quotation is sent to the clients. Recovery process is started after client's confirmation.

We recover lost data from all type of hard drives.

  • IDE
  • SATA
  • SCSI
  • SSD
  • SAS

RAID/Server Recovery Services:

We recover Data from failed RAID (hardware/software) Array Servers. We have the expertise to recover data from:

  • RAID0
  • RAID1
  • RAID4
  • RAID5
  • RAID6
  • RAID6E
  • RAID10
  • RAID (0+1)
  • RAID50

Media Recovery Services:

We can also recover data from tape drive, floppy, CD/DVD, Jaz, camera, mobile phone, zip disk, USB, flash, mini disk, memory cards including MMC, SD, XD, memory stick, security cameras and CCTV.

Our specialists are always ready to help and assist you in critical situations to recover your lost data. Geeksnerds provides you wide-ranged data recovery services & software.