Network Networking

Wired network removes the doubts and enhances the standards of performance, reliability and security. Wired networking is considered secure than wireless and is more used LAN connection. It provides you fast speed with easy access to the solutions of different networking issues. We use latest technology and equipment to setup wired network at home or enterprise. Quality and reliability are the two inseparable factors of our services. Security solutions, including firewalls, intrusion detection, virus defender, disaster recovery, online risk management and computer troubleshooting are installed to keep wired network protected from any kind of issues.

We visit networking area and finalize the wiring design you need to setup. Wired network infrastructure and layout is designed to locate the place from where the wires will be connected. Special ways are planned to pass the wires. Wiring structure and design is made to avoid from any future problems. Networking equipment room is prepared to reside the wires neatly. Then the means of horizontal wiring are decided to pass the wires from equipment room to the individual outlets on the floor. Ethernet cables, routers, switchers, modem and other hardware equipment is connected with one another very carefully to raise the performance of wired network setup. It is recommended to use Ethernet switches instead of hubs to cope with the trouble of slow networking performance.