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Geeksnerds provide partition recovery services to recover data from lost, corrupted or formatted partitions of Linux, UNIX, Mac and windows operating systems. We recover data from all storage media devices including hard drive, raid arrays, flash drives, laptops and many others. We provide partition recovery services to restore data from lost partitions due to physical damage or logical corruption. Our recovery specialists use powerful tools and in house developed software in our latest technology equipped recovery labs.

We recover and restore partition irrespective of hard drive models, brands or types of operating systems:

  • Our expert specialists restore data from partitions of almost all file systems.

  • Windows based file systems include NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and ex-FAT file systems.

  • The Linux based systems include EXT, Reiserfs partition, JFS and XFS.

  • UNIX based file systems.

  • Mac based file systems are also recovered.

We never work on the original hard drive for partition recovery. A clone image of the drive is created for client's data security. Then, we work on the clone images to recover partition data. If a hard drive is physically damaged then failed drive is fixed and then a clone image is created to recover lost partition data.

You can contact us by direct call or email for partition data recover and restore. Geeksnerds offers you wide ranged services of data recovery. We give you quick response in the cases of emergency.