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Drive Wiper software
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Hard drive wiping software is a partition erasing utility to wipe and remove the data present on hard disk. Geeksnerds drive wiping tool cleans the whole drive permanently erasing all data and information. Sometimes users want to delete personal data permanently but there is always a possibility of data recovery by using any hard drive recovery program. Deleted or inaccessible data can be recovered or accessible. Deleted partition can also be recovered from the formatted drive.

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  • Geeksnerds Drive Wiper wipes drive or partition quickly as compared to other wiping applications.
  • The software is equipped with 8 different wiping algorithms.
  • The software wipes the partition table, MFT entries FAT tables, indexes and Master boot record when drive is wiped.
  • The software can wipe the selected partition without damaging other partitions.
  • Users can check the individual sectors by using Disk Map view.
  • Once the drive or partition is wiped, data can't be retrieved using any data recovery utility.
  • The software on completion of wiping task shows wipe process details.

How to Wipe Partition or Drive?

  • Select the partition or hard drive you want to wipe and click on "Wipe Partition" or "Wipe Drive" button.
  • Software will start wipe wizard. Click on 'Next' button to proceed.
  • Software will show wipe algorithms. Select the algorithms and click on 'Next' button to proceed.
  • Software will show edit sector dialog. Click on 'Next' button to proceed.
  • Software will show wipe setting dialog. Click on 'Next' button to proceed.
  • Confirmation dialog will be displayed, click on 'Next' button to start wiping.
  • Software will show task completion detail on completion of wiping process.


Q: What is meant by partition wiping and drive wiping?
A: In partition wiping, only user-defined partitions are erased. In drive wiping, all contents present on the hard drive are wiped.

Q: What is the purpose of Drive Wiping?
A: The main purpose of drive wiping is to protect and secure data privacy.

Q: What is the effect of using data wiper on hard disk drive?
A: Geeksnerds drive wiper makes the hard drive like a new one coming from the manufacturer, fresh without any trace of data on it.

Q: Is it possible to retrieve data after wiping?
A: Once wiped, data cannot be recovered. For secure wiping, Geeksnerds Drive Wiper utility has eight wiping algorithms.

Data Wipe Algorithms

Eight wiping algorithms of Geeksnerds Drive Wiper can be used to wipe the hard drive or partitions (primary or extended).

  • Zero Filler Algorithm
  • Pseudo Random Algorithm
  • Zero and Pseudo Random Filler Algorithm
  • US DoD 522022-M
  • Australian ASCI 33
  • German VSItR
  • Russian GOST p50739-95
  • Gutmann

Storage Media and Devices

Data can be wiped from storage media and devices including:

  • Desktop drives
  • Laptop drives
  • External drives
  • Portable drives
  • USB thumb drives
  • Memory sticks
  • Memory cards

User can select hard drive or single partition for shredding. Wiping software is an easy to use utility. You can wipe all the contents or selected portion of the hard drive. It is a data shredder tool which makes data inaccessible.