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Reiserfs Recovery software
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ReiserFs data recovery software to undelete and recover corrupt or lost data from ReiserFs partitions. ReiserFs recovery software recovers all file types e.g. images, documents, database files, photos, media files, spreadsheets from ReiserFs file systems. ReiserFs recovery software is an easy to use Reiserfs undelete, unformat, and unerase tool, which recovers data from storage devices.

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  • Reiserfs recovery software can recover files and folders from deleted Reiserfs partitions.
  • Reiserfs software has two types of scans for data. Normal scan for minor damage, advance scan for extreme damage cases and raw file recovery is used without considering the file system.
  • Reiserfs recovery software provides Virtual RAM feature to perform recovery on large hard drives containing voluminous Reiserfs data.
  • Efficient directory structure builder builds directory tree in a matter of seconds without any limitation of size of Reiserfs partition.
  • Reiserfs recovery software uses file searching to locate missing files, user can search using any file attribute to search for flies like file extension etc.
  • Reiserfs recovery software recovers data from hard drives including SATA, IDE or USB drives.
  • Reiserfs recovery software can clone drive or partition using sector by sector mechanism.
  • Remote recovery in business and technical version of the software helps in recovering data over network or serial D-9 interface.

How to Recover Partition?

Select the physical drive from which you want to look for partition. Then select 'Find Partition' option from the toolbar or 'Scan Partition' option from the context menu. Reiserfs recovery software will show settings for partition scan. Choose settings and select Next. Software will start scanning for partitions from selected drive. On completion software will show you partitions, click on Finish to go back to software GUI.

How to Recover Files?

Select the Reiserfs partition and then select the scan type from context menu or from Find Data option in toolbar. Recovery software will show settings for data scan. Then start scanning of files and folder from partition. On completion software will create tree of lost files and folders. Select your files and folders to recover.


Q: How to recover data from Reiserfs partition, which is lost or where drive is formatted?
A: Reiserfs recovery software can recover data from drives having formatted Reiserfs partitions. The software has two types for partition and data scans. If file system is severely damaged then user can use raw recovery in which software recovers files by sorting them by file type.

Q: How to recover deleted files from Reiserfs partition?
A: Install and run the software. The software will show physical drives and partitions. Select and run scan for data. There are two different types of scans. Deleted files can be distinguished by red colour.

Q: I deleted Reiserfs partition, is it possible to retrieve data of the Reiserfs partition?
A: User can use Reiserfs data recovery software to retrieve data from Reiserfs, connect the drive as slave, run the software, select the drive and run partition scan, software shows all the Reiserfs partition detected in drive.

Data Loss Reasons

ReiserFs data recovery software supports you in all data loss situations which include:

  • Reiserfs partition structure is corrupt or damaged
  • Partition inaccessible due to corrupt journal or superblock
  • Accidental deleted or formatted partition
  • Operating system crash
  • Drive logically damaged
  • Accidentally deleted files

Storage Media Devices

  • Hard drives (IDE, SATA, iSATA, ATA, USB and fire-wire channel)
  • External and portable USB flash drives
  • Network attached storage devices (NAS)

Geeksnerds ReiserFs partition data recovery software is an easy to use tool. In the rare cases, when partition is extremely corrupt or the drive is physically damaged and 'do it yourself' recovery is not possible using data recovery utilities, then you can ship the drive to Geeksnerds Limited for in lab data recovery services.