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Data Backup software
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Data Backup software protects user data from all kinds of risks and threats. Geeksnerds experts designed incremental data backup software to create the identical copy of the content present on the hard drive. Data backup tool can create backup of all files and folders from almost all brands and types of storage devices accessible by host windows operating system. This software helps you in taking backup which you can use in loss situations including:

  • System or computer operating system crash
  • Accidental deletions
  • Formatted drive
  • Hard drive corruption
  • Drive crash due to logical or physical damages
  • Computer hardware malfunctions
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  • How to Backup?
  • How to Restore?


  • Backup software has the ability to take full as well as incremental backup.
  • Backup software has three modes of security, which are, no security, password protected and encrypted.
  • Backup software has two modes of backup, which are, compressed and uncompressed.
  • Backup software can backup any type of data and files.
  • User can schedule custom backups any time.
  • Backup software exclude files which user do not want to backup by giving their extension.
  • Selection of only file(s) or folder(s) as well as combination of both is allowed.
  • Backup software can restore data on alternate location, original location or overwrite the previous data.
  • Backup software allows user to specify files or folder in case user doesn't want to restore the complete backup data.

How to Backup Data?

User can configure Backup following the simple steps given below:

  • Select "Create a New Project" or "Open Existing Project".
  • Select data to backup.
  • Select the location and name of backup.
  • Configure option relating to security, compress and backup type.
  • Backup Settings are complete. Select "Perform Backup" option from the task bar to start the process.
  • On completion of backup, the software will show a dialogue giving details including total time taken for backup.

How to Restore Backup?

Geeksnerds Data Backup restores data in a very simple way. By using following steps user can restore backup.

  • Select restore option from software interface.
  • Select restore Source.
  • Select files to be restored. User can select all files or specific file to restore.
  • Select location to restore data which can either be original location from which backup was taken or it can be any other location.
  • Click on "Run Restore" button to complete restore process.

Data backup software by Geeksnerds Limited is an easy to use utility which copies the selected PC data. It can create backup of the documents, photo or other data present on fix computer drives and removable drives. Automated incremental backup can be set up in which the software automatically backups the data. You can also specify files for taking their back up. You can exclude any files or folders from the list. It will automatically run the backup. Special features are developed within the software which include:

  • Backup protection through password protection. No one can access the back up without password.
  • Compressed backup to save disk space.
  • Incremental backup to schedule backup automatically, saving the user from trouble of configuring backup time and again. The software will remember itself when to take back up, it will start and update backup automatically.

Backup software provides the option of restart, shut down or log off the system after every back up activity. You can save the disk space by compression feature. Compression feature of the software compress the data and files to save the disk space. Various options of saving are provided in the software. You can save data on external disks or internal hard drives.