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Geeksnerds Windows Data recovery software gets back, recovers, restores and retrieves files, folders, partitions and data from hard drives, portable drives, external hard drives and laptop hard drives. Windows software tool recovers data from windows based file systems (FAT, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS 3.0, and NTFS 5.0) and partitions.

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Feature Home License Business License Technical License
FAT Recovery
NTFS Recovery
Raw Files Recovery
Size and Files Limitation No limitation No limitation No limitation
Partition Scan
Deep Data Scan
Search Data Option
Recovery Save and Load
IDE and SATA Support
USB, Firewire, eSATA and External Drive Support
Windows Vista, Xp, Sever (2008, 2003, 2000) Compatible
Disk Cloning
Image File Creation
Image File Recovery
BitLocked Encrypted Drive Recovery
Network Drive Recovery
Serial(D-9) Drive Recovery
Drive Hex Analyzers
Partition Hex Analyzers

How to Recover Partition and Data?

Geeksnerds windows recovery tool is a quick data retrieval program, which restores lost data.

  • Partition finder scans the hard drive for lost partitions. It can find partition which is deleted. It can recover partition from formatted hard drive. Once you have found desired partition you can recover data by running any of four scan on that partition.
  • Data scanning tool in the software utility finds and detects the recoverable files and also shows you the results in demo mode.
  • Data can be recovered using various data finders. Normal scan works in minor cases of corruption and advanced scan is suggested for severe damages. Formatted drive and deleted windows files can be recovered by our windows recovery tool. Raw files recovery is recommended for extreme cases of corruption when all file system information is lost.
  • User can clone faulty drive onto healthy drive using this software utility.
  • User can scan the drives which are encrypted using windows Bitlocker encryption. The Windows Bitlocker encryption comes in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The software will find Bitlocker partition. If you have key for Bitlocked partitions then you can recover data from Bitlocked hard drives.


Q: How to recover data from partition, which is lost or where drive is formatted?
A: Data recovery software retrieves data from deleted and missing partitions or where drive has been formatted. Software scans drive for partitions to find FAT and NTFS partitions.

Q: How to recover deleted file?
A: Install and run data recovery software. The utility will show physical drives. If you can see partition, select and run scan for data. There are four different types of data scans. Deleted files can be distinguished by red colour.

Q: I installed new windows operating system and I want "C:\Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents" folder of previous installation?
A: Hook the drive with computer as slave over IDE, SATA or USB. Run the software utility and look for partition from which you want to recover documents folder. Select the partition and run scan for data otherwise click on the drive then select Find Partition button. If you cannot find the folder with exact name, try to search for it in path unknown folder.

Q: When I connect USB drive and try to open it, a message comes up to format the USB, how to get files and folder of the USB?
A: Connect USB with computer and run the scan for files and folder on USB. Files and folder present on USB will be shown. Select the files you want to retrieve and save them.

Data Loss Reasons

Data can be lost due to:

  • System's hard drive logical failure
  • Lost partitions, partition detection or corrupted partition table
  • Formatted drive
  • Accidental deletion
  • Missing Indexes or FDT Entries
  • Corrupted windows file systems
  • Recovery from corrupted drive (Corrupted Partition Table or Master Boot Record)
  • Data loss due to physical damages (bad sectors) in drive

Storage Media Devices

  • Hard drives (IDE, SSD, SATA)
  • Laptop drive
  • External drives
  • Portable drives
  • USB Flash drives
  • NAS drives
  • Firewire drives
  • Zip/Jazz drive
  • Compact Flash cards
  • Memory cards

Easy browsing and navigational controls with well-guided steps guide you to the final recovery process. Recovered windows data can be saved on any media accessible by host operating system. In severe cases or when there is physical damage to the hard drive, clients can use our in lab data recovery services.