Network Networking

Linux server is an open source system that is based on UNIX and maintains a variety of hardware platforms. Geeksnerds provides Linux support services for designing, installing, executing and maintaining operating systems. We offer cost effective solutions and present excellent support plans that ensure secure and reliable operations from anchor to core server management features. Linux helps you at a great extent, when you build servers. We can also replace the existing server with the latest one. Reliable security solutions are our priority.

Our Linux support technicians provide a package of services which include:

  • Our consultants efficiently set up, configure and manage the network systems by integrated system management.

  • Linux support you for using network file system (NFS) over internet protocols to use remote storage system.

  • We provide secure solutions by the application of latest techniques to protect the emails form spam and viruses by using a few server resources.

  • Our security solutions for Linux server include intrusion detection, firewalls, VPN, wireless security, PHP code inspection, portscan detection and protective solutions for complex environments.

  • Backup and data recovery solutions are provided to assist you in any disastrous situation of data loss.

  • Our Linux experts do reporting which can be configured on your Linux server.

  • We support to successfully shift the websites and database to the new server with the same operating system.