Network Networking

Linux server management services are provided along-with constant monitoring of the availability of the server and network services with the technology on which the network systems is based. Geeksnerds expert consultants maintain Linux server, protect system security, and ensure services availability. We provide server management services for almost all the linux flavors including Redhat, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Solaris, FreeBSD, Suse and other flavors. Our consultants assist in managing and supporting Linux based networks.

We offer:

  • Linux server monitoring services with the assessment of server equipment including Ram usage, CPU capacity for processing, disk spaces and server load.

  • Proactive security for Linux server by firewall, installation of upgrades of 3rd party software, intrusion detection, VMware, VPN solutions, troubleshooting, kernel upgrade, log audits, file system checking, onsite and offsite backup and root kit hunter system scan for rootkits, backdoors and all possible local exploits.

  • Our consultants support system's Linux server, diagnose and resolve the issues related to the function of Linux server.

  • Control panel management and monitoring is done to ensure server availability. Third party control panel support is very essential for the upgradation of linux server management.

  • We offer Linux server monitoring services to monitor APA Apache, MySQL, Email, SSH and FTP. We fix the problems and solve the issue and then inform you by sending a notification.

Our basic services include initial server setups, Linux or windows platform supported, setting proxy server, kernel updates, cluster management and admin consultation.