Network Networking

Extranet development raises your communicational standards with customers and suppliers. Geeksnerds provides secure extranet services for connecting you with your organizational members. We meet your needs by our secure extranet system development techniques to increase business productivity. You can:

  • Share Data:
    Organization staff, partners and customers can share data with one another to increase their interaction.

  • Distribution:
    Distribute specific data to the networking partners through network.

  • Management:
    Manage the documents of multiple departments easily for keeping record and organizing information.

Our secure extranet development services include:

  • Security:
    We make the extranet area secure. You can protect any specific part of your network by our service, document specific security control and Confirmation of information on entry.

  • Integration:
    You can add new content whenever and wherever you want. Search facilities integrated with user security within the system.

  • Design:
    Professional extranet design is made to make it company's identity.

  • Programming & technical support:
    We monitor the network shortcomings and latest advancements in the field.