Network Networking

Network assessment is essential for the home or enterprise network setup. Geeksnerds provides IT network assessment services. The process is carried out after analyzing the business and design requirements of the company to portray a clear image of the existing network after testing its infrastructure, performance, administration, security and accessibility.

Our IT network assessment specialists assess organization IT systems by making detailed reports on the problematic areas of infrastructure, performance, administration, security and accessibility.

  • After analyzing the problems and issues in the system, our specialists strive for its perfection and progress.

  • The infrastructure assessment includes IT equipment information, application types, topologies and circuits that can affect network design and implementation.

  • The performance assessment identifies problems with specific network segments, devices, servers and enterprise circuits.

  • During administration assessment, issues with existing network are pinpointed (that are affecting current network operations) and resolved.

  • An IT network security strategy is built to look after security statuses of network during security assessment.

After the assessment of these components, our expert IT professionals use their experience and best possible efforts to clear and remove the faults. Contact us for complete assessment of your network and for getting more information about our IT services.