Network Networking

Network planning is an essential step before installation. Geeksnerds experienced specialists provide computer network planning services by making a roadmap for your organizational setup. A long-term flexible plan is made that can be updated and expanded from time to time.

The steps to systematic computer network planning are:

  • Hardware and Software Applications:
    The required applications are assessed i.e. what type of software and hardware used. A list of equipment (hubs, routers, switchers, cables and NIC or Network Interface Card etc) is made.

  • Structure Planning:
    Before making the structure, client analysis is done to analyze the requirements of customers. The structure is based on the questions that what services your computer network will provide and how many users, it will support. It is selected from several configuration options including client server, peer-to-peer, token ring or Ethernet network.

  • Flexibility Services:
    It is the ability of the network applications to continue to function well even if the network is changed in size; expanded, relocated, new users are added with additional applications, sites and external connections.

  • Network Geography Planning:
    Your network geographical requirements are assessed. It may be LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network).

  • Bandwidth:
    Bandwidth is the speed at which data travels through the computer network. The physical connection is decided for bandwidth and latest equipment is used to speed up the process of data traveling.

  • Design Planning:
    Our consultants design computer network according to your requirements or demands in bus, ring, star or other shapes.

  • Availability:
    A plan is made for its availability in such a way that you could use the network without disruption.

  • Security and Accessibility Planning:
    Secure solutions are setup for the network including firewalls installation, intrusion detection, VPN, wireless security systems, protective solutions for most complex environments, data backup, security measures against secret data leakage, viruses, hackers, spy wares etc. It is planned to make your network accessible for only authorized users.

We chalk out a clear and detailed plan for computer network that meets your all requirements. Geeksnerds is a reputable company that provides services of networking. Contact us for more information about our services.