Network Networking

Intranet development is essential for any business. Company intranet is a private computer network system accessible within the organization that can be accessed by the members of an organization. Geeksnerds provides successful solutions for company intranet development. Intranet can be complex or simple. Our qualified developers can develop both types of intranets to improve organization's inside communication systems. They design latest intranet devices, strengthen and manage documents and data from different departments, improve network security system. Our services allow employees to share information securely and easily.

Geeksnerds intranet  development is based on:

  • Analysis:
    We collect information about the business goals and strategies. Then, we assess your business and make intranet development strategy and merge it with the company's communication systems. Special training sessions are arranged to train the employees for the company intranet usage and security.

  • Intranet design:
    After analysis, a best suitable design of intranet is made. Our developers turn the flat design into functional template.

  • Programming:
    Programming is done to operate intranet applications and integrate the applications with other services.

  • Security:
    Information circulated within the company is completely protected by reliable and latest security solutions.

  • Employer's Trust:
    Internal documents, contact lists, useful links, new appointments, dealings, launching of new products and services and any news related to the company is made sharable for every employee of the company. This will increase employee's trust on the organization.

  • Quality Assurance:
    We have quality assurance specialists for monitoring of the intranet connection to upgrade and protect it from shortcomings.