Network Networking

Onsite network support service deals with hardware, software and networking issues. Geeksnerds provides onsite IT support to upgrade and manage networking devices. Our fast and friendly technical consultants offer services for hardware and software troubleshooting, network setup and installation, server installation and maintenance, LAN/WAN networking and designing, wireless networking and other unlimited solutions. Our onsite specialists provide an instant support when you call us.

We quickly assess your network and computers, diagnose the faults and errors, fix the issues of remote devices, upgrade the IT system and software with the latest tools and techniques. Our onsite technical support solutions are suitable for enterprise and home users which include:

  • Plan the network.

  • Highlight its technical errors and faults.

  • Provide onsite network support and administration.

  • Access network servers and implement security solutions like firewall installation, intrusion detection, VPN solutions, virus defender, patch management, SPAM, internet vulnerability and risk management are used.

  • Guide you about the IT network design depending upon its nature (i.e. for small business, large enterprise or home), cabling infrastructure, routing and switching, implementation and maintenance with constant monitoring. We give complete technical tool kit for network equipment.

  • Settle problems of physical cables onsite that connect computerized equipment. Problems may include electrical shorts, incorrect cable connections, wiring issues etc. Error is adjusted for duplicate IP address.

  • Settle software issues. These issues can also affect IT networking setup. Testing support is provided in this case or the faulted part of software is reinstalled onsite.

  • Provide data/disaster recovery services for the lost data from crashed system or hard drive.

Geeksnerds qualified and friendly technicians provide you wide range of services including onsite technical support and IT networking. You can contact us for more information about our services.