Network Networking

Geeksnerds Ltd. provides operating system support services to manage the ways in which application software programs use the computer hardware and the ways in which users control the computer. Our services bridge the gap between software programs and the computer hardware, and help users to control both aspects i.e. hardware and software.

We manage client and server operating systems. All connected computers and devices are controlled by servers with the help of operating system software. Our administrators install the network and:

  • Allow to share files and printer access among computers in a network.

  • Control the routing and switching.

  • Provide reliable security solutions for operating system support.

  • Reduce time and efforts to plan and operate network infrastructure.

  • Improves the usage and performance of software applications and hardware devices.

  • Administer accounts for users and establish login system.

  • Work for client and server operating functionality.

  • Configure the network for automatic data backup and user administration with file and print sharing.

  • Operating system includes UNIX, Linux, Windows Server and Netware.

Our operating system supports services control software and hardware that runs on a network. It makes multiple computers to share resources, runs applications and transmits messages among the staff. Our services are valid for all types of networks either it is LAN or WAN.

Geeksnerds is a reputable company which provides wide range of computer networking services. You can contact us for more information about our operating system support services. Our experts configure the system and manage the network.