Network Networking

Linux is a shareware operating system, supports a number of networking features. Linux based OS makes a great server and is a best solution for home and office. Linux and network is the best combination based system do a lot of tasks. Geeksnerds provides you Linux network installation services on a wide variety of computer hardware. It is an open source operating system. It is widely used and designed for desktops and servers. It is a ported operated system kernel. Linux kernel operates on a variety of computer architectures.

The Linux network support services include:

  • Basic services:
    Basic and essential services are provided to implement the important functions including IP configuration, manage Ethernet card settings, wireless configuration, sniffing network packets to specify the interface and hostname settings.

  • Network statistics:
    It is done to display the details of connections, routing tables, and interface with the memberships.

  • File systems:
    This system allows Linux to share files among windows based workstations and servers. Linux network installation is done to share files and other data within the networking staff to develop the cooperative environment.

  • Security:
    Secure systems are installed to avoid any kind of viral or malware attack. Secret data leakage is also controlled by our Linux operating system solutions. Installation of firewalls, intrusion detection, VPN devices, wireless security (analysis & implementation), data backup and other protective and effective measures for most complex environments are taken for the security.