Network Networking

Network administration helps you to share information, access the internet and work in a cohesive environment by using latest techniques. Geeksnerds network engineers offer market's top leading equipment for system administration. Networks have become an inseparable part of any organization. We increase business productivity by applying expertise in design, implementation and successful administration of network.

Network can be of many types. Our system administration technicians assess that:

  • What type of hardware you need including routers, switchers, servers, processors, printers etc.
  • Manage system network securely in a professional way by selecting:
    • The kind of topology requires (basic topology or a hybrid of two or more).
    • Network operating system.
    • Interface cards and cabling to manage network.
  • Reduce risk by latest security solutions including system security maintenance, data backup services, firewalls.
  • Network documentation to highlight the issues and to keep the record of administration by using technologies and equipment.
  • Remote access configuration and support.
  • Wireless connectivity system.
  • Software installation.
  • Wired or wireless connectivity.
  • Remote monitoring to detect the problems and take corrective actions to reduce the risk of any big loss.

Our system network administration engineers administer the network with latest database, sql server, share point (design, installation, management) and turnkey solutions. They support Windows server 2000, 2003 & 2008 (installation, management, upgrade) and MS exchange server 2000, 2003 & 2007.

Geeksnerds Ltd. is a reputable company that provides you unmatchable services of networking. We offer manageable system administration services to operate, maintain and support for operating, maintaining and supporting the network at affordable cost. Fine and proper network administration services can assist you to make co-operative and cohesive networking environment at the organization.