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USB data recovery services to recover deleted, lost data from damaged portable USB hard drives. Universal serial bus known as USB mass storage device is a portable device that is used to take backup or transfer data from one computer to another. USB hard drives are faster, reliable, portable and can store more files as compared to any other portable device. We recover data from all the famous brands for example; Kingston, Hitachi, HP, Lacie, Seagate, Maxtor, Iomega, Western Digital, Freecom, Verbatim, Samsung, etc. We are expert in recovering data from portable and external drives. If you have any issue with external USB drive, we can help you in retrieving data.

Our recovery specialists provide you recovery services from all portable USB external hard drives. Our experts give you professional advice so that you can avoid data loss in future as well. Data from external USB hard drives can be lost due to:

  • System crash
  • Fault in hard drive
  • USB device not recognized
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Physical damage to drive
  • Physical damage to drive cover
  • Logical file system corruption
  • Accidentally formatted drive

We can recover data from Lacie drives including:

  • Lacie Brick Desktop Drive
  • Lacie d2
  • Lacie d2 Network
  • Lacie d2 Quadra Hard Disk
  • Lacie d2 Quadra Enterprise
  • Lacie Golden Disk
  • Lacie Grand Hard Disk
  • Lacie Hard Disk Max
  • Lacie Disk Max Quadra
  • Lacie Disk Quadra
  • Lacie Little Big Disk
  • Lacie Little Big Disk Quadra
  • Lacie Little Disk
  • Lacie Minimus
  • Lacie Network Space 2
  • Lacie Network Space Max
  • Lacie Rikki
  • Lacie Rugged USB
  • Lacie Rugged XL
  • Lacie Skwarim
  • Lacie Starck Hard Drive
  • Lacie Starck Mobile Drive
  • Lacie 2big Quadra
  • Lacie 4big Quadra
  • Lacie 5big Network
  • Lacie 5big Storage Server
  • Lacie Wireless Space

We can recover data from following Iomega models:

  • Iomega eGo
  • Iomega eGo Helium
  • Iomega eGo Mac
  • Iomega iconnect
  • Iomega Knock Out
  • Iomega MiniMax
  • Iomega Prestige Compact
  • Iomega Prestige Desktop
  • Iomega Radical
  • Iomega Professional Desktop
  • Iomega Ret Hot
  • Iomega SSD Flash Drive
  • Iomega Store Center
  • Iomega UltraMax
  • Iomega UltraMax Plus
  • Iomega Network Hard Drive

Following Freecom models are supported:

  • Freecom Mobile Drive
  • Freecom Network Drive
  • Freecom Tough Drive
  • Freecom XS
  • Freecom Hard Drive Quattro

We can also recover data from following Verbatim models:

  • Verbatim Store n Go
  • Verbatim Pocket HDD
  • Verbatim USB
  • Verbatim GP Portable Drive
  • Verbatim 2-Disk RAID
  • Verbatim Quad
  • Verbatim Gigabit NAS

Following Samsung models are supported:

  • Samsung Mini S1
  • Samsung Portable S2
  • Samsung Portable G2
  • Samsung Station G3
  • Samsung Story
  • Samsung Story Plus

We can also recover data from following Western Digital models:

  • WD Element Desktop
  • Western Digital Sharespace
  • WD Element Portable
  • WD Element Portable SE
  • WD My Passport Elite
  • WD My Passport Essential
  • WD Element Desktop
  • Western Digital My Book
  • WD My Book Essential
  • WD My Book Elite
  • WD My Book Studio
  • WD My Book Studio Lx
  • WD My Book World Edition
  • WD My Book Live

We can recover data from Seagate External and Portable Drive models including:

  • Seagate FreeAgent
  • Seagate GoFlex
  • Seagate Expansion

We can recover data from HP range including:

  • HP Pocket Media External Hard Drive
  • HP Personal Media External Drive
  • HP Portable External Hard Drive
  • HP SimpleSave External Hard Drive

We can also recover data from Hitachi Models including:

  • Hitachi X Mobile
  • Hitachi Simple Tough
  • Hitachi Life Studio Mobile
  • Hitachi Life Studio Mobile Plus
  • G-Drive Slim
  • G-Drive Mobile
  • G-Drive Mobile USB
  • G-Drive Min
  • G-Raid
  • G-Raid Mini
  • G-Safe

Whatever the reason of data loss, our data recovery experts can recover your data. Geeksnerds is a reputable company that provides you reliable and quick solutions for your lost data. We have high success rate on recovering any type of data from usb, portable, external and flash drives. We provide you data recovery services for any kind issue of usb, portable, external and flash drives. Our specialists offer advice and support in the recovery process. Feel free to contact us for any queries.