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Hand held devices are very common these days due to their portability function with small size and light weight. Geeksnerds Ltd. offers you the services of data recovery from Memory cards, mobile phones, PDAs, ipads, ipods, pocket PC, digital camera, palms, RIM devices and all other devices included in the category of hand held devices. Our recovery services deal with the following data loss situations of hand held storages:

  • Accidental deletions from mobile phone or memory card
  • Corrupted or formatted memory card
  • Hardware issues or failure
  • Physical damages
  • Viral attacks
  • System does not recognize hand held devices
  • Power surges or unexpected system shutdown
  • Software issues in mobile phones
  • Device falling down from height

Geeksnerds Ltd. recovery engineers are experts in recovering data from almost all types, models and manufacturers of mobile phones, memory cards, PDAs and all other hand held devices. Data is restored in all formats including documents, images, audio/video or music files, zip files, contacts, mobile messages, movies, pictures, photos etc. Manufacturers make their hand held devices with different structures that's why their recovery processes also vary from manufacture to manufacture. Our services are reliable with safe and sound methods.

We initialize the process just after receiving damaged mobile phones, memory cards, PDAs etc. We analyze the device and provide you quotation for successful recovery of data. Hand held devices recovery operations are carried out in data recovery labs using the latest software and hardware resources. Our engineers start recovery process after the approval of clients. Price and duration of recovery is dependent upon the severity of damage and media condition.