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Footage recovery is a sensitive task. CCTV and DVR cameras are commonly used for both personal and commercial purposes. Geeksnerds Limited offers you footage recovery services to recover lost, deleted or damaged, formatted, encrypted data from the security cameras and digital video recorder due to:

  • Fire, heat, dust, moisture, water and smoke damage
  • Formatted or corrupted hard drives or cards
  • Inaccessible data due to unknown format
  • Accidental deletions of footage
  • CCTV/DVR system failures etc.

Our experts make inaccessible camera footage accessible by advanced recovery solutions. We have expertise in DVR and CCTV recovery. We have recovered footage from devices where others companies have failed to recover. We have custom developed software which can create footage from image created by CCTV and DVR system. We can recover video footage from PCI based DVR device and DVR device having fixed storage.

Our forensic data recovery specialists restore data in all formats including photo/video files. Data is recovered in safe environment ensuring privacy. Security camera footage should be recovered by the hands of experts because inexperienced hands can damage the footage permanently. Advanced techniques are used to recover data from corrupted CCTV/DVR camera devices. Our recovery engineers are expert in recovering lost footage from almost all the models and manufacturers of security camera systems.

Encrypted data is returned on the media of your choice. We provide you consultation about the restoration of CCTV/DVR footage. In the sensitive cases with the risk of data leakage, data is recovered ensuring privacy. We help you in the recovery of hidden footages with advanced technical methods.