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Tape data recovery services to restore lost, deleted and corrupted tape drive data. Tapes are used as trusted medium to take backup of data. Tapes are mostly used by offices and businesses. Our recovery specialists provide services that are reliable and flexible for IBM, 3M, Exabyte, StorageTek, Sony, HP and Quantum tapes. We restore data from almost all types of tape drives. Following conditions can be the cause of tape data loss:

  • Tape drive failure

  • Damage like heat, water etc.

  • Error in running drive

  • Back up failures

Our Tape recovery process starts when you fill our online submission form and request for our services. Our specialists diagnose your tape media and draw a recovery possibility report and send you the quotation. After recovery we will save your files, backup and data on medium of your choice. We restore your data in best possible way from IBM, 3M, Exabyte, StorageTek, Sony, HP and Quantum tapes.

Our specialists perform the recovery process in simple, fast and reliable way. Our experts restore data from damaged tape and recover your data using advanced recovery techniques. For any queries related to our services, you can contact us.