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MMC data recovery services by Geeksnerds Limited to restore photographs and multimedia files. MMC (multimedia card) is a portable device used for storage of data and it can be used in many devices that support memory cards. MMC are used in mp3 players, mobile phones, PDA and other devices as well. Our MMC recovery specialists recover lost, corrupt and deleted data from multimedia cards.

Our MMC recovery specialists recover data from formatted and corrupted multimedia cards. We help you to recover lost or inaccessible data. Our recovery specialists have the experience and expertise to deal with MMC. Our specialists recover formatted, deleted files from multimedia and flash memory devices. We provide data recovery for all file formats including JPEG, GIFF, JPG, PNG, AVI, MPEG, MP3, MP4 and Wav files. Our specialists recover photos from MMC that you have lost. Data loss in case of MMC can be due to:

  • Deleted files

  • Formatted memory card

  • Snapped or broken device

  • Card damaged, corrupted or no longer recognized

  • Device not being recognized by operating system

  • Logical errors

  • File system corruption

MMC data recovery process starts when you send the device to our labs for recovery or you can drop it off. When our recovery specialists perform operations they first scan and locate the data in your storage device and then restore those pictures and other files that are corrupted. After complete scanning the data is saved on media of your choice. Our labs are fully equipped and our specialists are trained to provide the best data recovery solutions.