Network Networking

Virtualization is the building of virtual form of operating system, servers, and other network resources with storage devices. We provide virtualization services for operating system, storage and server devices. It is done to reduce the cost of hardware, administration and management of the server infrastructure. Virtualization stimulates the networks of independent networks by creating illusions of hardware resources. It supports system mobility and aiding application. Our technicians provide you data backup solutions by using latest virtualization technology. We run several virtual machines on a single physical machine. VMware is the basis of virtualization and VMware software is used to virtualize the hardware applications.

We offer virtualization services with the recent technology including:

  • Operating system: Using software to support a single hardware to host many operating systems at the same time by using using operating system virtualization technology.

  • Server virtualization: Server virtualization is the masking of server resources from server users. Server resources include the quantity and characteristics of physical servers to identify servers, operating systems and processors. Our technicians use the software application to build multiple individual virtual environments by dividing one physical server.

  • Storage devices: Storage virtualization services combine the multiple storage devices into a single storage component. It is executed via software applications. Storage virtualization adds a storage device without requiring server and network configuration. Storage device can be removed or changed form one location to another to meet the service level requirements. Our administrators relocate storage space by allowing server requiring additional space to find unused space on another storage device. Shared storage devices, data backup and archiving systems are also included in storage virtualization.

  • Network virtualization: Network virtualization services merge the hardware and software network resources and network functions into a single software based administrative unit that can be accessed without its physical components.