Network Networking

Network expansion is a technical and complex process. It is an ever-changing field where new products are introduced frequently. We offer network expansion services by professionals to implement latest methodology for expanding existing network.

We expand network after a detailed assessment and gathering requirement of enterprise or home network. Our experts suggest:

  • The devices you need to connect for expansion.

  • The need of modem or router for Ethernet ports.

  • Wireless capabilities of devices.

  • The Selection of suitable network with high data rate requirement cables for expansion services.

  • Check the Network Interface Device (DSL Modem, Cable modem etc) and attest so that it could fully support your expanded network requirements.

After network expansion, if everything goes as planned, then you are allowed to carry on with connection and design of the network. Our engineers constantly monitor the network after expansion to prevent it from viral attacks, and other errors in connection and wiring. We install security systems including VMware, firewalls installation, VPN solutions, virus defender, SPAM management, internet vulnerability assessment and many other security systems to protect the network.