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Exchange mail server is a client server messaging system in which active server processes act together with client processes. Our technicians assist in installation and configuration of the servers. Exchange mail server is designed and installed to meet the messaging, collaboration and mobility needs of the business by a steadfast, productive and high performance program. We help in increasing work productivity and communicational standards.

Exchange server installation is an effective solution for business that supports you in many ways:

  • It helps in mail handling with secure data backup solutions.

  • It automatically saves the record of your client's contacts with messages within inbox, outbox, draft, junk folder, voice mail etc.

  • Exchange mail increases the standards of security and reliability like multi mailbox search and legal hold. You can protect the company's communications and prevent secret data leakage by using exchange server for enterprise. This system has the ability to capture, encrypt and block emails. You can access it from anywhere in all communicational forms including voice mail, instant messaging, web browser or device.

  • Exchange server provides the highest level of availability and integrated messaging features including call answering rules, voice mail preview, incoming fax support, messaging administrative rules.

  • Latest routing and transporting functionalities are used.

Exchange server is a complete mail handling solution for your business.