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SharePoint is a product of Microsoft, software based platform developed for collaboration and web publishing under a single server. Geeksnerds provides Microsoft SharePoint server services for sharing documents, calendars, announcements, postings and other data between users from different locations. SharePoint is a web-based application, displays in a browser (such as internet explorer) and includes an interface for displaying lists and libraries in a secure database. SharePoint can be used for simple web projects to the most complex project management documentation.

Microsoft SharePoint can help in many ways:

  • You can create company internal website (intranet) by Microsoft SharePoint.

  • SharePoint organizes and classifies various web-parts, lists and libraries to meet the business goals and needs.

  • SharePoint server improves the connections and connects people with the flow of information they need and make possible for them to create, receive and organize information, documents, lists and data.

  • It allows you to share information and keeps you in touch with other people using Wikis and blogs.

  • It is helpful for management and tracking of documents.

  • Navigation is made simple for the users within SharePoint sites for the easy access of information.

  • Our technicians build a SharePoint solution specifically for business projects.

  • You can build a collaborative environment with minimum time and efforts by Microsoft SharePoint installation. It always reduces complexity.

  • SharePoint provides secure solutions against secret data leakage. It manages the security levels with the standards you define including password setting and protection, document check in and out and storage facilities.

  • It provides a multiple framework for information management and collaboration.

  • It helps to display data on company's intranet from other sources like SQL server, Access and other on company's intranet page.

We provide result-oriented and secure solutions for Microsoft SharePoint server installation. You can contact us for more information about our services.