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MacBook recovery services by Geeksnerds specialists provide you with Apple MacBook data recovery. With their increasing popularity, MacBook customers are increasing day by day. Following models of Apple MacBook are available with different specifications:

  • Apple MacBook
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Apple MacBook Pro

MacBook Air comes with 11 and 13 inch display whereas MacBook Pro comes with 13, 15 and 17 inch display. All MacBooks use hard disk drives to store data. The hard drive may fail due to any physical damage or you may lose data due to logical corruption. Our specialists restore files efficiently and quickly from MacBook hard drive. Our recovery specialists can retrieve data from failed or inaccessible hard drives and restore it. We recover data from emptied trash and folders deleted permanently. We offer data recovery from Mac file systems i.e. HFS, HFS plus and HFSX. We provide services to individuals as well as organizations. Our specialists provide user fast and secure recovery services.

We provide recovery services for:

  • MacBook hardware failure
  • MacBook hard disk failure
  • MacBook OS crash
  • MacBook emptied trash

Our data recovery operations are performed in labs by qualified experts. We restore files in following cases:

  • Loss by accidental deletion of folder
  • Hard drive is formatted
  • Physical or logical hard drive damage

We restore data from External USB drives, portable drive, hard disk and any raid arrays. Whenever you encounter some problem, don't try to restore the data because inexperienced hands can further the damage. You should immediately consult some expert for advice. When you ship your MacBook to us first we diagnose and evaluate the problem then a quotation is sent to client for approval and after that we start the recovery process .We offer free quotation and free diagnosis services for our valuable clients.